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Castle ruins in Schellenberg

Visitors to Schellenberg will find two sets of castle ruins, with the "Obere Burg" ("Upper Castle") in particular very popular and easy to reach on foot.

The larger of the two ruins, located in the Hinterschloss area of Schellenberg, was built in 1200 and had all the elements of a typical medieval castle. This "Obere Burg" ("Upper Castle") is first mentioned in documents dating from 10 January 1348. 

The smaller "Untere Burg" ("Lower Castle") was first constructed in 1250 and extended on several occasions until reaching its final form and size in 1350. This castle is first mentioned in documents dating back to the year 1317. 

It is thought that both castles ceased to be inhabited in the 16th century and, as a result, fell into disrepair. In 1956 Prince Franz Josef II gifted the heavily overgrown ruins to the Liechtenstein History Association, which set about the task of researching their history and preserving them for future generations.

The ruins are open to visitors.

Access to the ruins is free of charge.

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    Dorf 49
    9488 Schellenberg
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Castle ruins in Schellenberg
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