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Mountains Valleys
Mountains Valleys
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Scultpures in Vaduz

Attentive visitors will notice a large number of sculptures by world-famous artists as they walk around Vaduz.
African King von Gunther Stilling
African King by Gunther Stilling

Stilling proceeds from the rules of classical aesthetics in many of his formal approaches.

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Figure in a Shelter von Henry Moore
Figure in a Shelter by Henry Moore

Figure in a Shelter was completed only a few years before the artist's death.


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Grande Cavallo von Nag Arnoldi
Grande Cavallo by Nag Arnoldi

The expressive bronzes of Nag Arnoldi show influences of Marino Marini and Pablo Picasso, as well as of pre-Columbian art.

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Hochsitz von Robert Indermaur
Hochsitz by Robert Indermaur

The 'Hochsitz' ('Hunter's Stand') is part of the series 'Höhenluft' ('Mountain Air'), which inlcudes works such as 'Orbiter' and 'Der Überschreiter' ('The...

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Monoform 29 von Gottfried Honegger
Monoform 29 by Gottfried Honegger

Monoform 29, sculpted by Gottfried Honegger in 1991, is regarded as one of the main works of the Swiss artist,

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Phoenix von Doris Bühler
Phoenix by Doris Bühler

Doris Bühler talking about her work: "As a visual artist, I am principally interested in the human being itself."

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Progression of a Form in 3 Steles by Christian Megert
Progression of a Form in 3 Steles by Christian Megert

The three steles in the main courtyard in front of the town hall in Vaduz were sculpted from South African granite.

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Reclining Woman von Fernando Botero
Reclining Woman by Fernando Botero

The sculpture, which displays a reclining naked female figure as a symbol of the sleeping soul in figurative style, is in the tradition of monumental sculpture and therefore intended for display outoors.

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Renaissance by Daniel Spoerri

The bronze sculpture "Renaissance", created in 1985, exists only in three castings. One is in the Fondation Picasso in Antibes and the other in Daniel Spoerri's 'Giardino' in Tuscany.

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Stehende Figur von Herbert Albrecht
Standing Figure by Herbert Albrecht

The Standing Figure, sculpted in bronze according to a stone original, is representative of typical sculptural language.

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Schweizer-Brunnen von Roman Signer
The Swiss Fountain by Roman Signer

The Swiss Fountain, a gift from the Association of Swiss Citizens in Liechtenstein, is not a fountain in the traditional sense. Instead, it is a sculpted installation based on the theme of water.

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Tre Cavalli von Nag Arnoldi
Tre Cavalli by Nag Arnoldi

Nag Arnoldi's expressive bronzes show influences of Marino Marini and Pablo Picasso, as well as of pre-Columbian art.

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Zwei Licht-Prismen von Heinz Mack
Two Light Prisms by Heinz Mack

These two triangular stelae are made of a special steamed glass which alters its appearance in a variety of ways according to the changing lighting conditions and the location of the observer.

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Z-Würfel von Georg Malin
Z-Cube by Georg Malin

For two decades, Georg Malin's primary theme has been cubes. These cubes, adorned with letters, emerge from small, polished bronze pieces.

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