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Berggotta-Berggötti hiking & discovering

Experienced local, approved alpinists (hiking guide or mountain guide) „Berggotta Berggötti“ are accompanying guests on the mountain hikes telling them interesting facts and anecdotes making it an unforgettable experience.

In Liechtenstein dialect Godmothers and Godfathers "Gotta" and "Götti" are on call.

The Principality of Liechtenstein with its unmistakeable mountain landscape, far away from the madding crowd is an insider tip in the Alps. As from the middle of June to the middle of October 400 kilometers of hiking paths in the Liechtenstein Alps simply belong to the walkers and hikers. In small groups of not more than ten people accompanied by the „Berggotta Berggötti“ the participants are able to discover valleys courted by legends, woods full of animals and climbs up stunning peaks with magnificent views. Thereby the „Berggottas and Berggötti“ tell stories about the beloved alpine world , the characteristics of the plants and animals as well as the country and peculiarities of the inhabitants. 

The offer includes 

  • Day of Discovery and Experience with the „Berggotta Berggötti“ in the Liechtenstein Alpine World
  • Small „Berggotta Berggötti“ present to take away

Dates for the Berggotta-Berggötte Days of Discovery 
Meeting point is respectively 9 o'clock at the "Berggotta-Berggötte Hüsle (house)" at the entrance to Malbun next to Alpenhotel Vögeli. 

Hiking time 3 to 7 hours
Trekking or hiking shoes, hiking sticks if available, rucksack, lunch and beverages (min. 0.5l-1l) 

* meeting with Berggötti Michael on the eve to discuss the tour

Dates for 2020 to follow

Number of Participants 
The number of participants is limited per Discovery Day to 10 „Berg-Godchildren“. If there are more than 10 „Berg-Godchildren“ a second Berggötti or a further Berggotta join. The applications are taken in the order of succession. 

Museum and Adventure Pass
CHF 10.- discount on a hike with a graduated mountain guide, called "Berggotta Berggötti" in the mountains of Liechtenstein

Picture Credits
Mountain Rescue Liechtenstein, Olivier Brocher Photography, Hoi Liechtenstein AG


June to October


CHF 39.- per person

The guests from the partner hotels and guest houses can go hiking with the Berggotta and Berggötte free of charge. There is a reduced charge of CHF 10.- for owners of the Liechtenstein Museums and Adventure Pass. Day guests can participate for a charge of CHF 39.-. 

  • Contact
    Organisation Berggotta Berggötti
    Phone: Thuesday to Friday between 17:00–19:00 o'clock
    9490 Vaduz
    T +423 792 25 99
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Berggotta-Berggötti hiking & discovering
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