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Princely Hikes

Plan your hiking in Liechtenstein with the "Princely Hikes" tourguide.

Which country in Europe has the densest network of hiking trails? It’s not the alpine classics of Switzerland or Austria, but in fact the small Principality of Liechtenstein nestling between those two countries. More than 400 kilometres of well-maintained and clearly signposted trails and majestic mountains up to 2600 metres above sea level attract walkers and hikers to Liechtenstein.

There are leisurely walks and hikes down in the valley and low mountains as well as challenging summit ascents for the more experienced. Families will discover an idyllic oasis, especially in the mountain village of Malbun. One of the most spectacular circular hikes leads along the Prin cess Gina Trail through high-alpine terrain protected as an area of outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity. The classic route along the famous Fürstensteig leading along a scenic ridgetop path up over the Drei Schwestern mountains requires surefootedness and experience of hiking in the mountains. The best way to get to know the Principality of Liechtenstein is on the 75-kilometre Liechtenstein Trail.

Download tourguide Princely Hikes

If you would like to take the tourguide with you on hikes in Liechtenstein, then you should order the tourguide "Princely Hikes".

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