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Daily stage Ruggell to Schaanwald

From Ruggell the stage leads us via Schellenberg through Mauren to Schaanwald.

In Ruggell we first reach a building known as the Küefer-Martis-Huus. The listed house from the 18th century is the cultural centre of the municipality. The route then continues over the dam to Ruggeller Riet, a 220-acre nature reserve in northern Liechtenstein bosting a fine array of fauna and flora. This flat wetland section is followed by a steep climb to Schellenberg, where we first pass the ruins of the Lower Castle. After making our way past the monastery we reach the village centre of Schellenberg.

In Schellenberg we pass the sports field and then continue to Hinterschellenberg near the Austrian border. On clear days walkers can see as far as Lake Constance. A hiking trail narrow in places leads us through the forest along the Gantenstein mountain to the Upper Castle in Schellenberg. This is a good place to rest. The route then heads along a former smuggling trail down into the village centre of Mauren as far as the post office. As walkers approach the village they will be able to see from afar the St. Peter & Paul Parish Church in the centre of Mauren.

From the village centre of Mauren, the trail leads us first slightly uphill to Fallsgass and then down to the Silk Tree Trail. The name derives from the fact that mulberry trees were formerly used in silk production. Afterwards we reach the Birka bird paradise, where we stop for a rest. We recommend you take the opportunity to look at the memorial plaque commemorating the flooding of the Rhine in 1927 and showing how high the water rose at that time. We then pass the wetlands of the Maurer Riet and the Funkenplatz Schaanwald, where traditional bonfire celebrations are held each winter, before reaching the customs office on the border between Liechtenstein and Austria.


Our luggage transport service

The best way to enjoy the Liechtenstein Trail is to travel light. We therefore offer a handy luggage transport service to move your bags from hotel to hotel. Luggage transport generally applies to any accommodation in Liechtenstein that is registered as such. For bookings via AirBnB no luggage transport is bookable. More about the luggage transport service


Our overnight accommodation offers

6 days and 5 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail

3 days and 2 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail

Distance: 19 km / walking time: approx. 5 hours 30 min.
Ascent/descent: 507 vertical metres / 479 vertical metres, min./max. altitude: 429m/683m

Please be quiet when passing through the Ruggeller Riet and stay on the trail at all times so as not to disturb the animals. The climb from Ruggell to Schellenberg is very steep. At Hinterschellenberg there is a short ascent. Da die App "LIstory" aufgrund der permanenten GPS-Ortung und den vielen Daten viel Akkuleistung benötigt, empfehlen wir ein mobiles Ladegerät mitzunehmen.

Route with map (outdoor active)
Stage Ruggell to Schaanwald

Accommodation options
Ruggell: Hotel Kommod, Landgasthof Rössle / Schellenberg: Gasthaus Krone

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Public transport
Ruggell: The interactive station "Culture & traditions" is located 400 metres from the "Rathaus" bus stop and can be reached in 5 minutes on foot. Schaanwald: The interactive station "Refugees" is located directly next to the "Zollamt" bus stop.

Information for people with limited mobility
The section from the "Post" bus stop in Ruggell to the Küefer-Martis-Huus building and then along the Giessenstrasse road as far as the railway station is wheelchair accessible. The section after the railway station is on gravel paths. From there it is possible to follow the Liechtenstein Trail to the "Zollamt" bus stop. From the "Schellenberg Post" bus stop to the memorial plaque in Schellenberg near the Zum Löwen inn the trail is wheelchair accessible, though there are sections along gravel paths. At the sportsground in Schellenberg there is the option of taking the "Obergut" tarmac road to Hinterschellenberg. The section from the "Mauren Post" bus stop to Poppers/Delehala and then alternatively via the Maienweg path back on the Liechtenstein Trail to the Birka bird centre is wheelchair-accessible.

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