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Daily stage Nendeln to Ruggell

This stage leads from Nendeln via Eschen and Bendern-Gamprin to Ruggell in northern Liechtenstein.

Passing the train station in Nendeln we reach the Eschen/Mauren sports park and from there continue into the centre of Eschen. The trail then climbs slightly via Güdigen to Aspen and from there back down towards the village centre. Now the path rises again and we pass the Rofenberg Chapel. After stopping to enjoy the beautiful view at Krest we follow a section of the Historical Eschnerberg Trail, which eventually leads down to Bendern church hill and from there to the post office in Bendern. Bendern church hill has probably been inhabited for 4000 years. It is likely that a church existed there as early as the 6th century.

The route then takes us from Bendern along the Rhine to the Grossabünt outdoor leisure park in Gamprin. This is an excellent place to stop off for a meal and enjoy the views of the large swimming lake. After heading into the village centre of Gamprin we then hike along a track through the Kratzera forest to the centre of Ruggell. Ruggell is the northernmost municipality in Liechtenstein.


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The best way to enjoy the Liechtenstein Trail is to travel light. We therefore offer a handy luggage transport service to move your bags from hotel to hotel. Luggage transport generally applies to any accommodation in Liechtenstein that is registered as such. For bookings via AirBnB no luggage transport is bookable. More about the luggage transport service


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6 days and 5 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail

3 days and 2 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail

Distance: 15km / walking time: approx. 4 hours
Ascent/descent: 269 vertical metres / 289 vertical metres, min./max. altitude: 433m/541m

The stretch between Eschen Krest and Bendern is steep. This part of the Liechtenstein Trail also leads along a section of the Historical Eschnerberg Trail. The LIstory app requires permanent GPS tracking and processes a lot of data, so we recommend taking a mobile charging device for your phone with you.

Route with map (outdoor active)
Stage Nendeln to Ruggell

Accommodation options
Nendeln: Hotel Weinstube / Eschen: Fernsicht B&B / Bendern: Hotel b_smart / Ruggell: Hotel Kommod, Landgasthof Rössle

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Information for people with limited mobility
The section from the "Sebastianstrasse" bus stop in Nendeln to the interactive station "School education in the 19th and 20th century" in Eschen is wheelchair accessible. The section from the "Post" bus stop in Bendern to the "Rathaus" bus stop in Ruggell is wheelchair accessible, but the section at the Kratzera forest leads along a gravel path.

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