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Stage planning

There are many ways to explore the Liechtenstein Trail. Experienced hikers with good fitness can complete the entire route in one day, though most walkers will want to take a little more time. We recommend breaking the Liechtenstein Trail up into several stages or choosing a section of the route for an enjoyable day hike.

Day 1: Arrival with optional overnight stay

Liechtenstein is easy to get to. A large number of motorways, train stations and airports connect the country to the rest of Europe, while an excellent public transport network makes travelling within Liechtenstein simple and hassle-free.



Once in Liechtenstein, you will find accommodation of all kinds: from exclusive hotels to mountain huts with dormitories. There is also a wide range of package deals and offering. There is an accomodation for every guest.





Castle gutenberg

Day 2: Balzers – Triesenberg

The stage leads from Balzers, in the southernmost part of Liechtenstein, to Triesenberg.

Distance: 14km
Walking time: approx. 4 hours
Ascent/descent: 572 vertical metres / 184 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 470m/901m

Information on the stage

Liechtenstein Trail

Day 3: Triesenberg – Vaduz

This stage leads from the Walser settlement of Triesenberg to Liechtenstein’s capital, Vaduz.

Distance: 10km
Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Ascent/descent: 264 vertical metres / 692 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 456m/1,109m

Information on the stage

Vaduz castle

Day 4: Vaduz – Nendeln

From Vaduz this stage leads us through Schaan to Planken and from there down to Nendeln.

Distance: 17km
Walking time: approx. 5 hours
Ascent/descent: 571 vertical metres / 576 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 450m/794m

Information on the stage

Ruggeller Riet

Day 5: Nendeln – Ruggell

This stage leads from Nendeln via Eschen and Bendern-Gamprin to Ruggell in northern Liechtenstein.

Distance: 15km
Walking time: approx. 4 hours
Ascent/descent: 269 vertical metres / 289 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 433m/541m

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Day 6: Ruggell – Schaanwald

From Ruggell the stage leads us via Schellenberg through Mauren to Schaanwald.

Distance: 19 km
Walking time: approx. 5 hours 30 min.
Ascent/descent: 507 vertical metres / 479 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 429m/683m

Information on the stage


Additional tour: Malbun route

Explore the alpine region on the Malbun route.

Distance: 7 km
Walking time: approx. approx. 2 hours
Ascent/descent: 129 vertical metres / 520 vertical metres
Min./max. altitude: 1600m/2000m

Information on the stage

Our luggage transport service

The best way to enjoy the Liechtenstein Trail is to travel light. We therefore offer a handy luggage transport service to move your bags from hotel to hotel. Luggage transport generally applies to any accommodation in Liechtenstein that is registered as such. For bookings via AirBnB no luggage transport is bookable. More about the luggage transport service


Our overnight accommodation offers

6 days and 5 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail

3 days and 2 nights exploring the Liechtenstein Trail


Information about the Route


  • Launch of the Liechtenstein Trail on 26 May 2019
  • The trail goes through all 11 municipalities of Liechtenstein
  • The route is 75 kilometres long
  • Ascents/descents of 2,000 m/2,000 m
  • Min./max. altitude of 429 m/1,103 m
  • Overall walking time of 21 hours
  • The trail can go from south to north or north to south
  • The route exclusively consists of the existing network of paths and trails
  • It is possible to begin the trail from every municipality
  • Parts of the route are also accessible for people with limited mobility


It is recommended to walk the Liechtenstein Trail with hiking boots. Especially the sections Triesen-Triesenberg, Triesenberg-Vaduz, Planken-Nendeln and Ruggell-Schellenberg contain steep sections.

Download Route
Route layout, Liechtenstein Trail (2.5 mb)

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