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Art & Culture

Despits its small size Liechtenstein offers a wide variety of art, cultural events and activities. Part of this cultural landscape is, of course, the culture of fine dining, from traditional delicacies to international haute cuisine, visitors to the country will find a wide choice of dishes to tickle their tastebuds.
The government district of Vaduz
Vaduz - centre of culture

Within the space of just a few hundred metres, visitors to Vaduz will discover impressive modern and traditional architecture as well as fine works of art and fascinating museums.

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From the history of Liechtenstein to ancient traditions and customs, the culture of the Walser people, stamp-collecting, the Rhine and the history of individual villages - whatever you are interested in, Liechtenstein has a museum for you!

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The princely Liechtenstein tattoo is one of the cultural highlights
Further cultural institutions

Music, theatre, film - Liechtenstein has everything. Here's an overview of what's going on.

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Gastronomy & wine

Liechtenstein offers a wide range of restaurants with gourmet cuisine. The country is also home to several excellent small-scale vineyards - including the Prince of Liechtenstein Winery - spread across the valleys of Eschnerberg and Schaan to Vaduz, Triesen and the gentle slopes of Gutenberg Castle.

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Customs & traditions

While most customs and traditions in Liechtenstein are based on those of the Alemannic people native to the region, there are a number that are unique to the principality.

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