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Stamp novelty
from Liechtenstein

On march 29, 2023, Philatelie Liechtenstein will be launching a world novelty. By buying the new and limited art edition you won't only get a physical stamp but also a numbered NFT and at the same time you'll become one of 1500 co-owners of an original Romero Britto artwork.

It's already the 5th Krypto stamp and at the same time the first NFT published by Philatelie Liechtenstein. The product links the classic stamp with a NFT and creates an unique bridge to the world of art. By buying the limited NFT, every buyer will be virtually assigned one section of the artwork of the world-famous neo pop artist Romero Britto.

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Revolution in the world of stamps

The physical stamps of the art edition are manufactured with traditional steel engravig and at the same time build a bridge into the present: through modern image processing technologies every stamp gets an individual fingerprint that can be verified via associated App. By scanning the matching, forgery-proof QR code, the digital world beneath the stamp opens. Besides the NFT, designed by Britto, one will recognize which of the four different and rare collectibles is attached to which stamp.

The great speciality of this edition: Romero Britto created a physical artwork for the NFT that will be presented from the end of march in the Liechtenstein National Museum. Each of the 1500 NFT is connected with the original artwork. Buyers of the NFT get assigned to a specific section of this excklusively created artwork. 

Limited art edition

The art edition is limited to 1500 items and can be ordered as of now. Day of issue is march 29, 2023. On this historical day Liechtenstein and Switzerland celebrate their mutual customs treaty that connects both countries amicably for 100 years now. 
A brand of the Liechtensteinische Post AG. 

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