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Mountains Valleys
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View brochures and maps online

View panoramic maps, magazines and tourguides online. The hiking map and the mountainbike map can be ordered by Liechtenstein Marketing.
Panoramic map of Liechtenstein in winter

This map shows the winter resort of Malbun/Steg.

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Hiking in Liechtenstein
Hiking map of Liechtenstein

Discover Liechtenstein on foot with this detailed hiking map (1:25,000).

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oho #4 - The magazine of the Principality of Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein magazine takes you onto a journey through the country. Find out more about the state, the Princely House, the nature, the culture, the economy and more.

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Citymap Vaduz

Here you find a 3D-Map of the city center of Vaduz.

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Biking in Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein/Werdenberg mountainbike map

Discover Liechtenstein on two wheels with this map coveirng the Principality of Liechtenstein and the neighbouring region of Werdenberg in Switzerland (1:50,000).

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Wonderful Liechtenstein
Panoramic map of Liechtenstein in summer

This map shows the whole of Liechtenstein on a single map and offers an excellent overview of the principality.

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Hiking in the Unterland
Map of activities in the Unterland

This panoramic map of the Unterland offers insights into the history of the region as well as showing all the leisure activities and sports facilities in the local area.

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Walking in Liechtenstein
Hiking and walking trails in the mountains

This map provides an excellent overview of the hiking and walking trails in and around Malbun and Steg. Most of the paths indicated are suitable for buggies and pushchairs, but some of them are normal hiking paths only accessible on foot.

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