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A special gold from Liechtenstein: honey
1000 colonies in one small country

Take it easy

Beekeeping as a hobby is a welcome balance to everyday life for the almost 100 beekeepers in Liechtenstein. When they spend time with their almost 1,000 colonies, a complete "shutdown" is necessary, because the otherwise friendly honey bees do not like it at all when they are met with hectic and stress. Slow movements, patience and sensitivity - these are the requirements that are atoned for with a sting if not met. 

Not for the money
To run a profitable beekeeping business, you need at least 100 colonies. The vice-president of the Liechtenstein Beekeepers' Association, Gerhard Marock, looks after 20 and is more than happy to do so. For him, the care of his animals comes first and he does not want to exploit them under any circumstances. He sees the honey he extracts as a valuable by-product, as for him it is mainly about coming to rest after a strenuous day working with the animals.

Gerhard Marock

"A good beekeeper harvests a lot of honey, but exactly how he does it remains his secret".

Support for the bees
The well-being of their bees is very close to the hearts of beekeepers from Liechtenstein. They are grateful if natural habitats and a diverse food supply are provided in their own gardens. Chemical agents should be dispensed with and natural growth of plants and wildlife should be allowed.

The label of the Liechtenstein Beekeepers' Association as a seal of quality or the honey test
1 kilogramme of honey is the life's work of up to 400 bees. In order to show appreciation and respect for this achievement, among other things, there is the honey test. The honey inspection in the Liechtenstein Beekeepers' Association is intended to ensure the quality of the honey, to strengthen the confidence of customers in Liechtenstein honey and to support beekeepers in marketing it. Checks are therefore carried out on beekeeping, harvesting, care and storage of the honey. The label of the Liechtenstein Beekeepers' Association on the honey jar confirms that the product meets these high standards. And the next step has already been taken: soon the label "Product from Liechtenstein" will be added, which is awarded by Liechtenstein Marketing to selected brand partners - a further recognition of quality.

Connectedness of man and nature, comparison of bee colony and Liechtenstein people
"With every day that one spends outdoors, the bond between man and nature increases. Enjoying spending time with your animals and being out in nature is one of the basic joys of beekeeping, because bees are interesting animals and the more you know about them, the greater the fascination." This is Gerhard Marock's explanation of his attachment to bees.

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