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Magnificent round trip, leading on the ,Fürstin-Gina-Weg' (Princess Gina memorial trail) to the ,Augstenberg', and along the flower-carpeted ridge on a safe mountain trail down to the 'Pfälzer cabin' of the Liechtenstein Alpine Association, at the foot of the 'Naafkopf' (2'108 m). Back to Malbun over the wide pasture land of the 'Gritsch Alp' to the 'Tälihöhe' and descent via the 'Vaduzer Täli'.

A very beautiful mountain tour leads from Malbun up to the 'Augstenberg', being the highest point of the tour, at 2'359 m above sea level, with a wonderful view of the 'Falknis' range, the Schesaplanastock, as well as down to Malbun, Gamperdona and Valüna. The 'Pfälzer cabin', at the Austrian border, is starting point for hiking the Liechtenstein trail to Schesaplana.

Tip: Worthwhile ascent on a marked mountain trail to the Naafkopf (2'570 m). Descents either from the 'Pfälzer cabin' on marked trails through 'Naaf Valley' or from Gritsch via the 'Rettaweg' trail to Steg. Marked mountain trails leading to 'Nenzinger Himmel', to the ,Malanser Älplibahn' and to the 'Schesaplana cabin'.

Family tip: Overnight stay at the Pfälzer cabin; fantastic sunrise in early summer.

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Alternative A: Take the chairlift to Sareis, then continue on to the Sareiserjoch (elevation difference: -376 m / duration: -45 mins)

Alternative B: From the Pfälzer cabin up to the Naafkopf (distance: 2 kms / elevation difference: 462 kms)

Time : 5 hours
Distance : 12 km
Ascent : 924 m
Descent : 924 m
Highestpoint : 2359 m

Good to know

Parking at the entrance to Malbun.


Malbun - Sareiserjoch - Fürstin-Gina-Weg - Augstenberg - Pfälzerhütte - Gritsch - Täle Höhe - Malbun

Hiking map 1:25'000: Fürstentum Liechtenstein

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