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Active Connoisseurs of Liechtenstein – the Protagonists

Marco Büchel and Walter Seger are two active connoisseurs who know the Principality of Liechtenstein like the back of their hand. However, these two Liechtenstein experts also enjoyed many new experiences of their home country on the Liechtenstein Trail. Find out more about the two protagonists in our video.

Marco Büchel
As one of the most famous alpine ski racers in the world, the Liechtensteiner Marco Büchel (born 1971) has celebrated many successes: the achievement of a World Championship silver medal in Giant Slalom, four World Cup victories, competing six times in the Olympics, and ten times in World Championships – and, it should be noted, 8-time Sportsman of the Year in Liechtenstein. His retirement in 2010 from active racing was just the beginning of further careers for Marco Büchel, a.k.a. ‘Büxi’: as an entertainer, communicator, speaker, radio and television present-er, co-commentator and ski expert for Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, ZDF. Aside from this, he has been enthusiastically involved with various organisations and is the Goodwill Ambas-sador for the Principality of Liechtenstein. Having grown up in Balzers, he now lives with his wife Doris in Triesenberg. His favourite place, his home country of Liechtenstein, has also become part of his life motto: ‘In my life, I have always learned from my defeats. Get back up, straighten your crown and carry on!’ As an active fan of the outdoors, Marco Büchel is often to be found in his home country of Liechtenstein: skiing or cross-country skiing in winter in the mountain sports area of Mal-bun/Steg, and hiking and enjoying himself in summer. It is really only a matter of time before the Liechtenstein Trail has been mastered by him in its entirety.

Walter Seger
As former president of the Liechtenstein Alpine Club, Walter Seger knows the mountain landscape of Liechtenstein inside out. However, while working on the filming of this video, he also got to know a new side of Liechtenstein. Walter Seger was president of the Liechtenstein Alpine Club for 15 years. He was born in 1940 and is a native of Vaduz, but the nearby municipality of Schaan managed to entice him away from his home municipality. The favourite food of this former banker, who worked for VP Bank for 40 years – latterly as Vice-General Director – is ‘Ghackets with Hörnli’ (a pasta dish with minced meat) and he enjoys drinking weiss beer or a good red wine. Even today, Walter is regularly drawn into the mountains, for example to the route over the Fürstensteig on the Alpspitz. His personal top tip is, however, Bergli and Hahnenspiel, as these are still relatively unknown outside of Liechtenstein. Although he knows the mountains of Liechtenstein like the back of his hand, the Liechtenstein Trail was still able to surprise him. The trail took him to places he had ‘never’ been to before or ‘almost never’ visited anymore, like, for example, Gutenberg Castle, the vineyards of Eschnerberg or the depths of Ruggeller Riet.