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Jack of all trades from Triesenberg
Marco «Büxi» Büchel

Marco und Tina

As one of the most famous ski racers in the world Liechtenstein’s Marco Büchel celebrated many successes: giant slalom silver at the World Championships, four World Cup victories, six starts at the Olympic Games and ten participations in the World Championships.

Hiking in Liechtenstein

For Marco Büchel, also known as "Büxi", retirement from racing in 2010 was the start of not just one but several new careers: as an entertainer, communicator, speaker, TV and radio presenter, co-commentator and expert for the German television channel ZDF. He is also a passionate supporter of several organisations and is as a goodwill ambassador for the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Marco Büchel is an entertainer, communicator, speaker, TV and radio presenter, co-commentator and expert for the German television channel ZDF

Summerclip with Büxi and Tina

Büchel grew up in Balzers and today lives with his wife Doris in Triesenberg. His favourite place, the Principality of Liechtenstein, can be found in his personal motto for life:

Marco «Büxi» Büchel

«My defeats have taught me: get back up, straighten your crown and keep on going»

Marco Büchel and Liechtenstein Alpine Ski Racer Tina Weirather at Gafadura Hut above Planken.

Milestones of his career

  • 1991 first World Cup appearance
  • 6 Olympic Winter Games participations
  • 10 World Championship participations
  • 1 World Championsship silver medal in Vail’99
  • 4 World Cup winnings
  • 18 podium places at World Cup
  • 90 top10 places at World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games

Marco und Tina

Marco und Tina

Bike Tour

Bike Tour

Profile Marco Büchel

Nation: Liechtenstein
Birthday: 4. November

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Instagram Kanal von Marco Büchel
Facebook Seite von Marco Büchel

Making of Summerclip

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