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Foul weather tips

Find some tips for foul weather travel in Liechtenstein.
Alter Pfarrhof Balzers

The Alter Pfarrhof (Old Parish House) in Balzers is home to the municipal cultural centre. This site represents a unique collection of buildings in Liechtenstein, centred on the striking baroque Alter Pfarrhaus with its...

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Hallenbad Balzers
Balzers indoor swimming pool

The modern swimming pool in Balzers is ideal for relaxing and having fun. 

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DoMus in Schaan
domus - Museum and Gallery

Housed in Schaan town hall, domus is a cultural centre comprising a gallery in Schaan.

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Hallenbad Eschen
Eschen indoor swimming pool

Eschen is home to the only swimming pool in the Unterland region of Liechtenstein.

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Der Gasometer in Triesen
Gasometer cultural center

Located on the main road leading towards the oldest part of the village, the Gasometer is the main cultural hub in Triesen.

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Kuefer Martis Huus

The Küfer Martis Huus is a place of cultural interaction and home to a museum based on the theme of water and, in particular, the Rhine.

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Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein with Hilti Art Foundation

Opened in the year 2000, the Kunstmusem Liechtenstein in the centre of Vaduz displays a range of modern and contemporary art.

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Lawena Museum – the history of electricity

Liechtenstein Power Stations operate a museum of electricity in Triesen.

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Das Bäuerliche Wohnmuseum in Schellenberg
Liechtenstein FarmhouseMuseum

Located in a farmhouse dating back almost 500 years, this museum in Schellenberg is owned and run by the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum.

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Das Liechtensteinische Landesmuseum
Liechtenstein NationalMuseum

Dating back to 1438, the building which today houses the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum has a long and varied history.

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Das Postmuseum
Liechtenstein PostalMuseum

The PostalMuseum tells the history of Liechtenstein's postal service over the years and displays a large number of postage stamps past and present.

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Fürstenhut Schatzkammer Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein TreasureChamber

The TreasureChamber in Vaduz, the only museum of its kind in the Alps, focuses primarily on exhibits belonging to the Princes of Liechtenstein and other private collectors.

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National Library of Liechtenstein

The National Library of Liechtenstein offers a variety of up-to-date as well as historical media for study, information and entertainment. English books are available in most sections, too. The library invites to stay...

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Kartbahn Nendeln
Nendeln Go-Kart Track

The 150m indoor go-kart track in Nendeln offers plenty of fun and racing action for up to six go-karts at a time. Each kart is powered by two electric motors, with the rear wheels powered and braked individually.

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Princely Theatre

Old cinema charm meets state-of-the-art cinema LED-technology and offers unseen insights behind the scenes of Vaduz Castle.

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Schloesslekeller Vaduz

Created in 2003, the Schlösslekeller in Vaduz is Liechtenstein's only small-scale theatre.

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Skino Schaan

A cinema in the center of Schaan.

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TAK Theater Liechtenstein

At the St. Laurentius parish church, on the Reberastrasse road, lies the TAK Theater Liechtenstein, commonly known as the TaK.

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Hallenbad Triesen
Triesen indoor swimming pool

Don't miss out on the special Warm Water Day every Friday, when the water is heated up to 31 degrees Celsius!

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Das Walsermuseum
Walser Museum in Triesenberg

The Walser Museum documents the culture and history of the Walser immigrants who settled on the Triesenberg in the 13th century. Rural and domestic life is impressively depicted. By presenting the peculiarities of the...

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