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Guided tours

Guided tours can be arranged to cover the whole country or a specific region of Liechtenstein. For details consult the information on the website or contact us.
View to Vaduz castle
Citytour and Liechtenstein tour

Discover the Principality of Liechtenstein and its capital Vaduz. The political system is quite unique worldwide lying between direct democracy and abolutism.

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Culture tours

Culture and cultural production is as much part of the Principality of Liechtenstein as the Rhine, the princely Castle in Vaduz and the mountains.

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Pleasure tours

Learn more about the wine culture of Liechtenstein, the Telser Distillery and have a coffee experience at Demmel.

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Hiking with an eagle in Liechtenstein
Nature tours

Liechtenstein is a treasure trove full of natural wonders. How about hiking with an eagle or hawk? Or geh to know one of the most famous hiking routes in the Rätikon

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Citytrain tours Vaduz

Enjoy the city-tours and visit Vaduz.

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