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Stage planning

There are many ways to explore the Liechtenstein Trail. Experienced hikers with good fitness can complete the entire route in one day, though most walkers will want to take a little more time. We recommend breaking the Liechtenstein Trail up into several stages or choosing a section of the route for an enjoyable day hike.
1 trail - 5 stages

Get an overview of the different stages and plan your own individual route through Liechtenstein. 

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Castle Gutenberg
Stage Balzers-Triesenberg

This stage leads from Balzers in the south of Liechtenstein to Triesenberg.

Length: 16 km, hiking time: approx. 4 h

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Stage Triesenberg-Vaduz

This stage takes us from the Walser village of Triesenberg to the capital Vaduz.

Length: 10 km, hiking time: approx. 3 h

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Sägaweiherweg Nendeln
Stage Vaduz-Nendeln

From Vaduz, this stage takes us through Schaan to Planken and from there down to Nendeln.

Length: 17 km, hiking time: approx. 5 h

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Liechtenstein trail Eschen
Stage Nendeln-Ruggell

This stage leads from Nendeln via Eschen and Bendern-Gamprin to Ruggell in the north of Liechtenstein.

Length: 15 km, hiking time: approx. 4 h

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Stage Ruggell-Schaanwald

From Ruggell, the stage takes us via Schellenberg through Mauren to Schaanwald.

Length: 19 km, hiking time: approx. 5 h 30 min.

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Loop Malbun

The extra loop of the Liechtentein Trail leads into the picturesque mountain area of Malbun. 

Length: 7 km, hiking time: approx. 2 h

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Vaduz castle
City loop Vaduz

The short partial stage in and around the capital Vaduz.


Length: 7.5 km, walking time: approx. 2 h

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