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Family bond
Family Gstöhl on the Eschnerberg

Family Gstöhl

Exploring the Historical Trail around the Eschnerberg is an absolute insider tip for families. The beauty is that so called "Höhenweg" is exciting at any time of year and there is always plenty to discover, whether on a short walk or a longer hike. The seasons change of the trail is a special natural spectacle to see.

Historical Eschnerberg Trail

While in spring the woodpecker's knocking sounds through the forest and the meadow flowers bloom, on hot summer days the forest provides shade and a welcome refreshment. In autumn, the deciduous trees glow in bright colours and the vineyards hang full of grapes. While in the valley clouds of fog often hang over, here on the slopes you can still enjoy the autumn sun. And in winter, when the snowflakes quietly cover the landscape and the snow crunches under your shoes, the high-altitude trail is transformed into a small winter wonderland.

When it comes to landscape, the Historic Trail offers a varied mix of forest, clearings, rocks, meadows and vineyards. Old castle ruins also invite you to discover and linger. Speaking of lingering: we like to do this best at one of the numerous vantage points, for example when we come out of the forest near Eschen and the view opens up over the entire Rhine Valley. Then sitting down, enjoy the view and admire the smorgasbord of sticks, stones and pine cones that the children have gathered along the way.

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Andreas Gstöhl

"With the Historical Eschnerberg Trail we have a wonderful nature experience right on our doorstep".

And when you consider that the first people in the region settled in this wonderful spot thousands of years ago, it makes this place even more special.

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