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    Liechtenstein Marketing bears no responsibility for such websites.

  • Data protection

    Data protection is of great importance to Liechtenstein Marketing. Website users decide themselves which personal information they wish to reveal to Liechtenstein Marketing.

    When a user visits the website and/or reads the newsletter, Liechtenstein Marketing automatically receives information that can be used to find out more about the user's browsing habits and interests when it comes to the website, newsletter and other information.

    Personal details (name, address, etc.) are required if users wish to register, make a reservation, order information material, take part in a competition, etc. By submitting personal data, users agree to Liechtenstein Marketing passing on this information to the third parties responsible for carrying out the request. 

    Liechtenstein Marketing treats personal data confidentially at all times. This data is anonymised before being processed and/or forwarded to third parties. With the exception of requests processed by external service providers, all personal data is used by Liechtenstein Marketing or third parties only to inform clients/website users (according to their interests and needs) as well as for statistical and marketing purposes for Liechtenstein Marketing.

    By using data in the way mentioned above, Liechtenstein Marketing can adapt its website and content to better suit the needs of its users. Data is also used for market analysis and to find out more about which of the many aspects related to Liechtenstein are the most interesting for users. In turn, this makes it possible to gather information that can be used to improve the services available and can be made available to marketing bodies in Liechtenstein.

    Personal data are not used in any other way, including selling personal data to third parties. Website users and/or registered clients can contact Liechtenstein Marketing at any time to find out more about their personal data that has been collected.

    Important! Data transfer via the internet can be subject to security loopholes. It is impossible to guarantee 100% protection from third parties accessing data. Liechtenstein Marketing assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from such security loopholes.

  • Web Analytics

    Matomo (formerly called Piwik)

    This website uses the open source web analysis service Matomo. Matomo uses technologies that make it possible to recognize the user across multiple pages with the aim of analyzing the user patterns (e.g. cookies or device fingerprinting). The information recorded by Matomo about the use of this website will be stored on our server. Prior to archiving, the IP address will first be anonymized.

    Through Matomo, we are able to collect and analyze data on the use of our website by website visitors. This enables us to find out, for instance, when which page views occurred and from which region they came. In addition, we collect various log files (e.g. IP address, referrer, browser, and operating system used) and can measure whether our website visitors perform certain actions (e.g. clicks, purchases, etc.).

    The use of this analysis tool is based on Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in the analysis of user patterns, in order to optimize the operator’s web offerings and advertising. If a corresponding agreement has been requested (e.g. an agreement to the storage of cookies), the processing takes place exclusively on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR; the agreement can be revoked at any time. We host Matomo exclusively on our own servers so that all analysis data remains with us and is not passed on.


    This website uses functions from the web analysis service Oribi, Oribi Ltd, USA. Oribi uses technologies (cookies) that enable the analysis of user behaviour. The IP address is anonymised before storage. With the help of Oribi, we are able to collect and analyse data about the use of our website by website visitors. This enables us to find out, among other things, when which page views were made and from which region they come. We also collect various log files (e.g. IP address, referrer, browsers and operating systems used) and can measure whether our website visitors perform certain actions (e.g. clicks, purchases, etc.) The use of this analysis tool is based on Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in the analysis of user patterns, in order to optimize the operator’s web offerings and advertising. If a corresponding agreement has been requested (e.g. an agreement to the storage of cookies), the processing takes place exclusively on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR; the agreement can be revoked at any time. You can find more information at: https://oribi.io/gdpr

  • Distribution of newsletter and e-mail

    Liechtenstein Marketing distributes newsletters by e-mail containing news, information and special offers. Users who sign up to receive this newsletter should be aware that e-mails are generally sent unencrypted. This means that there is a risk that e-mails can be intercepted and read by third parties. This is also the case for e-mails with other information sent to users who have signed up to receive the newsletter.

  • Video surveillance at the Liechtenstein Center

    The Liechtenstein Center in the centre of Vaduz uses video surveillance. A CCTV system monitors the publicly accessible areas of the Liechtenstein Center for the purpose of preventing and investigating theft, damage and vandalism.

    Technical protection measures

    The video system was installed by the company AFS Anstalt für Sicherheitstechnik in Vaduz. It has been designed in such a way that the video images and the data obtained cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. There are no sound recordings and no connections to other IT systems.

    Operation of the video surveillance system / deletion of data

    The CCTV system is set up to record 24 hours a day in the entire area under video surveillance.

    However, the cameras have been positioned and directed to protect as best possible the privacy of the people concerned (employees, customers and suppliers). Cameras positions and angles have been chosen to ensure privacy during breaks and private errands.

    The duration of video recordings is limited to the minimum time necessary to achieve the purpose of the CCTV surveillance. The areas covered by CCTV are the shop space and the area in front of the Liechtenstein Center. Recordings will be kept for precisely seven days before being automatically deleted, unless the video material is required as evidence.

    Use of video recordings

    The images recorded by the CCTV cameras (live observation without thepossibility of editing) are monitored via a screen using a tablet or PC on the premises of the Liechtenstein Center.

    No further analysis of the recordings takes place unless it is needed to investigate losses, shoplifting, burglary, vandalism and damage, or if the recordings are needed as evidence following criminal acts.

    In order to preserve evidence after criminal acts, images relevant to the crime may, once approval has been granted, be transferred by the CCTV operators onto data carriers, e.g. CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives or HD. These images may subsequently be analysed and processed with the purpose of investigating the criminal act.

    As soon as the images have been saved, people affected by the analysis of the CCTV recordings will be informed why the images are being evaluated. In exceptional cases, this obligation to inform may be postponed to a later date (for example, in the case of concrete investigations being carried out by law enforcement authorities).

    If, after an initial assessment by a member of the management team, it is believed that a criminally relevant event has been recorded by the video surveillance system, these recordings may be passed on to the criminal prosecution authorities (e.g. police, public prosecutor). Recordings will not be transferred to any other third parties.

    Every analysis of recordings and any possible transfer of recordings will be documented for at least 12 months, in accordance with auditing standards. At the latest 730 days after the recordings are no longer required as criminal evidence, they will be deleted – unless there is a legal provision which stipulates that the recordings must be kept for a longer period of time.

    Signs (pictograms)

    Clearly visible signs are installed at the entrances indicating the use of video surveillance.

  • Opt out policy

    Users can ask to be removed from the newsletter mailing list at any time. Every newsletter contains a direct link to a page where users can remove themselves from the mailing list quickly and easily.

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