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Trip around the Ruggeller marshland

The Ruggeller marsh-land forms, together with the Bangser marsh-land in neighbouring Vorarlberg (Austria), a great area of peat-bogs. In May, the blue blossoms of the Siberian iris shine brightly. In the marsh and undergrowth, rare birds nestle. Also, all kinds of insects and harmless reptiles love the soggy and untouched wet meadows.

Limseneck (stone pit), Halameder, Hohla Kär (rock caves) and the sunken baths are the places through which the circular walk at the foot of the Eschnerberg leads to, finally ending at the Customs House. In the west of the Ruggeller marshland, we reach wet meadows and peat bogs. Via Evimäder, Weienau and Bangserfeld, we arrive at the inland canal, along which we finally reach the end of our circular walk through the nature reserve.

Tip: Be especially considerate of the animals during incubation, and make sure to stay on the marked trails. Don't forget binoculars for bird watching.

Family tip: BBQ areas at Weienau, along the Rhine or on its sand banks. Swim in the backwaters of the Rhine.

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Time : 3 hours
Distance : 11 km
Ascent : 22 m
Descent : 22 m
Highestpoint : 441 m

Good to know

At the church or the town hall. Travelling by bus to Ruggell, get off at the church. Travelling back from Ruggell by bus, different stops are possible.

A special highlight on Sundays is the Farmer's Breakfast at the Bangshof in Ruggell.


Ruggell - Halameder - Zollamt - Under Riet - Bangserfeld - dem Rhein- oder Kanaldamm entlang zurück nach Ruggell

Hiking map 1:25'000: Fürstentum Liechtenstein

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