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Mountains Valleys
Mountains Valleys
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Through the wild Samina Valley

The path through the longest Rätikon valley at the foothills of the Three Sisters is a magical tour. In the summer as well as in the autumn, when the first snow has settled on the mountain peaks and the valley glows in golden autumn foliage the white Samina cascades gloriously in the sunlight.

The River Samina is the heart and soul of Liechtensteins Alpine watercourses. The water is dammed at the hamlet Steg, where the first footbridge has crossed the river since time immemorial. From the Steg Tunnel bus stop, the markings follow the road and cross the bridge before the entrance to the tunnel, where they turn right to Bödastrasse, an Alpine path that ends at Bödastall. It is here that the actual mountain trekking route begins. This extends all the way to the border, keeping to the west of the river: crossing the Sulzboden down to Kaufbödele and then continuing along the left-hand bank of the stream until it joins the Valorschbach, which descends the opposite side of the valley. At Falleck at the foot of the Three Sisters massif, the path shifts towards Vorarlberg and is transformed into an easy forest path (yellow-white markings) in the wild and romantic gorge. Then the trekking route leaves the River Samina and leads back up to the high-altitude village of Amerlügen in Austria on a panoramic Vorderälpele plateau.

Time : 5 hours
Distance : 13 km
Ascent : 238 m
Descent : 238 m
Highestpoint : 1301 m

Good to know

Parking spaces at the Steger Tunnel (1,301 m), Steg Tunnel bus stop of the Vaduz Steg Malbun line, www.lba.li


Destination: Amerlügen (779 m), hamlet belonging to the Vorarlberg Municipality of Frastanz, do not forget your passport or ID card!


Return journey: bus route from Amerlügen Frastanz, change busses at Feldkirch Railway Station, continue by bus to Schaan Post and Vaduz Post, from where the bus returns to the starting point of Steg. On weekends, the bus completes the Frastanz Amerlügen route only if requested; order by 8 p.m. the day before: tel. +43 (0) 664-1621144


Steg - Bödastall - Falleck - Amerlügen

Hiking map 1:25'000: Fürstentum Liechtenstein

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