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Mountains Valleys
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From Schaan to Vaduz on the Fürstenweg

The car-free Fürstensteig, a magnificent local recreation area and trail, stretches flatly along the edge of the forest, at the foot of the massive Three Sister range. It links the elevated residential areas of Schaan and Vaduz. Sports facilities and a big playground attract sportspersons and families alike.

At the Planknerstrasse near the forest service maintenance facilities, the Fürstenweg starts and already after a few steps we find ourselves in the shady and peaceful forest with its various plants. The memorial to lumbermen accident victims and the Waldkappele (chapel) leave us reflecting for a while right at the beginning of the trail. After a short walk, we cross two landslides (debris and alluvial cones) and on a path through pinewoods, we reach the first few houses of Vaduz. Then, we walk directly on the landslide path further down to the Landstrasse (Alternative A), or through the exclusive area of Vaduz, passing by the Red House, and finally reaching the small city of Vaduz.

Tip: Detour to Iraggell and the Wildschloss, or on the mountain trail to Alpila.

Family tip: BBQ areas by the Dux playground above Schaan, or beneath the forester's house Bannholz in Vaduz.

Alternative A: Via the landslide path to Vaduz.

Time : 2 hours
Distance : 7 km
Ascent : 183 m
Descent : 183 m
Highestpoint : 597 m

Good to know

Available above the cemetery, or at the end of the Duxgasse close to the tennis courts.


Schaan - Dux - Forstwerkhof - Rüfen (Schutt- und Schwemmkegel) - Rotes Haus - Schloss Vaduz - Städtle Vaduz

Hiking map 1:25'000: Fürstentum Liechtenstein

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