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Five Castles Tour

This tour takes visitors past five castles and fortresses built on a number of hills within sight of each other. The starting point is Vaduz, the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The country's most famous landmark, Vaduz Castle has towered over the capital for the past 700 years and became the official residence of the Princely Family in 1938. Leaving Vaduz, the tour crosses the Rhine via the 'Energiebrücke' bridge and heads over the Swiss border to Buchs and on to the nearby town of Werdenberg, whose buildings and imposing castle are still in excellent condition despite dating back to the 13th century. The next section of the tour leads gently uphill to the ruins of Wartau Castle - perfect terrain for an electric bike! Visitors then head back downhill to Sargans Castle, from where they will be able to see the impressive Gutenberg Castle, a 13th-century fortress perched on a rocky outcrop 70 metres above Balzers. The Five Castles Tour then returns via cycle paths to the starting point in Vaduz.

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Time : 3 hours
Distance : 45 km
Ascent : 72 m
Descent : 72 m
Highestpoint : 619 m

Good to know

Signs: Veloland Nr. 35 and Nr. 555

Vaduz, Liechtenstein Center +423 239 63 00
Pick up until 12.30 p.m. / Return until 5 p.m.

Price per person:
½ day: 42,- bzw. 37,- with Swiss Halbtax
1 day: 58,- bzw. 53,- with Swiss Halbtax


Top tip:
Discover the beautiful capital Vaduz by bike or ride out to Vaduz Castle for magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. A good level of fitness is required for the climb from Plattis to Gretschins (145 vertical metres over 2 kilometres). Riders looking for an alternative route can head to Sevelen and follow the 'Föhn Skate Nr. 62' as far as Trübbach.


Route: Vaduz (Vaduz Castle) - Buchs (Werdenberg Castle) - Wartau (Wartau Castle ruins) - Sargans (Sargans Castle) - Balzers (Gutenberg Castle)

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