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Schädler House at St. Florinsgasse 3 was built in 1872/73 as a three-storey residential building with rooms for the medical practice of the physicians Karl and Albert Schädler.

The residential building, with its historicised, Classical design, replaced the grand tower house that previously occupied the site. This building was erected by Seraphin Pümpel, whose business was based in Feldkirch.

In 1894 the original open terraces on the 2nd and 3rd storeys were converted into glazed verandas. A number of additions were realised on the eastern side of the building during the period to 1905, such as for example stables and a laundry.

The building has been owned by the State of Liechtenstein since 1968. Since then it has housed various agencies of the National Administration. The Registry Office has been located here since 1974. In 1994/95 extensive exterior and interior renovations took place, and the outbuildings were demolished. Today's modernised interiors date from the time of the last renovation. During the course of these works, great efforts were made to ensure that the wedding room for the Registry Office was well-lit and friendly.

The paved forecourt area contains an outline of the floor plan of the lost Chapel of St. Florin, traced using different types of stone and masonry, drawing attention to the building's cultural setting.

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