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Progression of a Form in 3 Steles by Christian Megert

The three steles in the main courtyard in front of the town hall in Vaduz were sculpted from South African granite.

The form is based on the ancient Egypian symbol "ka", which represents eternal life and continuity. Open at all sides and reflecting onto the surrounding area, the sculpture is a landmark and a popular place for locals to relax outside. The location and the arrangement of the three steles are a reference to the significance of the openness between Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland.

Christian Megert,  1936, Bern, Switzerland
1952-56: Bern Academy of Arts
1956: first exhibition in Bern: paintings of white on white
1957-1960: Stays in Stockholm, Berlin and Paris. Monochrome works focusing on material and structure, sculptures using iron and synthetic resin, first use of mirrors to reflect light
1960: move to Bern. Co-founder of the international group 'Nouvelle Ecole Européenne' (N.E.E.) in Lausanne. Acquaintance with the ZERO-Gruppe artists
From 1960: montages with mirrors and glass as objects and environments
1961: publication of his manifesto 'Ein Neuer Raum' ('A New Space') on the occasion of his solo exhibition in Gallerie Kopke, Copenhagen
1962: organisation of ZERO exhibitions in Switzerland
1964: co-founder of Galerie Aktuell in Bern, a collective with the aim of promoting new artistic trends
1968: participation in documenta IV
1973: move to Düsseldorf
Since 1974: interior design of public buildings and creation of large sculptures using stone
1976-2002: professor of 'Integration of Visual Arts and Architecture' at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

Since 1960, Christian Megert has worked primarily with glass and mirrors - and later also with polished stone - on the basis of his manifesto, 'Ein neuer Raum' ('A New Space'), published on the occasion of his exhibition in Copenhagen in 1961. It contains the call to reconsider everything spatial with the assistance of art. The central theme of the artistic work of Christian Megert is space - its redesign, alternation, virtualisation and re-creation. In recognition of his concepts and work he was awarded a professorship at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf for the 'Integration of Visual Arts and Architecture' in 1976.

Further information: www.megert.de

2002, granite, Liechtenstein-Sculptur
Location: Vaduz town hall square
Property of the Municipality of Vaduz, with the support of the Ars Rhenia Foundation

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Progression of a Form in 3 Steles by Christian Megert
Progression of a Form in 3 Steles by Christian Megert