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Mountains Valleys
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Hochsitz by Robert Indermaur

The 'Hochsitz' ('Hunter's Stand') is part of the series 'Höhenluft' ('Mountain Air'), which inlcudes works such as 'Orbiter' and 'Der Überschreiter' ('The Transgressor').

The idea of a hunter's stand perched high above the forest is also a constantly recurring metaphor in Indermaur's work for situations that require an overview. He addresses the human urge to grasp and understand. The point is to gain insight from a particular vantage point into the correlations of this world and this society - correlations that are not visible from the comfortable easy chair in front of the television. The point is also to face this world as an attentive, sensitive observer and, at the same time, as a meditative processor of what has been experienced and observed. This renders the Hunter's Stand a basic philosophical position.
Robert Indermaur, 1947, Chur, Switzerland

Indermaur attended school and teacher training college in Chur. Following journeys through Asia, Africa and Europe, he established a studio in Chur where he focused on teaching himself painting. The first three years yielded abstract compositions, before Indermaur turned his attention to figurative depictions. Alongside his pictures and drawings, he also creates printed graphics, wall portraits, caricatures, stage sets, sculptures and other objects. Indermaur says, "I attempt to trace human aims, intentions and dreams in my work. I try to create spiritual spaces where the hope lives that we have a future, and that we are capable of shaping it in a positive fashion". Indermaur lives in Almens, Switzerland.

Further information: www.indermaur.net

2000, iron/bronze 2/2, 365cm x 60cm x 60cm
Location: oposite Vaduz town hall
Property of the Municipality of Vaduz

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    Gemeinde Vaduz
    Städtle 6
    9490 Vaduz
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