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Food field Vaduz

Since 2018, the "World Acre" project has been implemented in Liechtenstein, which became a the food field in June 2021.

In the summer of 2021, the former world field in Vaduz was developed into a nutrition field (average area actually required to feed one person). The nutrition field of the Association of Farmers' Organizations shows the average area needed to feed one person in relation to the arable land actually available. It illustrates the scarcity of soil as a resource, but also the variety of food crops available. Crops are cultivated that are not or no longer cultivated in Liechtenstein, such as Ribel maize, soy and buckwheat. The Konrad family from NeufeldHOF Vaduz cultivates the food field, which is part of the "Lake Constance Garden Year".

With 12,000 square meters, it is the largest project in Liechtenstein in terms of area that is moving in the direction of self-sufficiency. At the current standard of living, the field, which has the dimensions of 1.7 football fields, could feed three Liechtensteiners a year.

Faltkarte Gartenjahr 2024

Individual private and group tours of the Food field Vaduz on request

Dr. Florian Bernardi
Projektleiter Ernährungsfeld Vaduz
Klaus Büchel Anstalt, Mauren
Tel. +423 375 90 50
E-Mail: florian.bernardi(at)kba.li

Please contact us for further questions and information.
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Food field Vaduz
Naturpark Haberfeld Vaduz
Kräutergarten Mauren
Mauren herb garden
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African King by Gunther Stilling
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Bust of Reigning Prince Franz Josef II by Kees Verkade
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Figure in a Shelter by Henry Moore
Gaenglesee lake in Steg