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Liechtensteiner Fürstenhütchen

These milk chocolates are the perfect present and a great way to remember your holiday in Liechtenstein.

The recipe for the milk chocolate 'Fürstenhütchen' (literally: 'small Princely Crowns') comes from Liechtenstein. They are manufactured in Switzerland according to this recipe and come in an attractive white tin.

Tins of Fürstenhütchen are available in the following sizes

Small tin (44g)
Small and exquisite - just like Liechtenstein itself! This tin containing three fine pralines is ideal for every occasion and every budget.

Medium tin (205g)
Fourteen pralines with creamy hazelnut filling wrapped in the finest Swiss milk chocolate. Includes information brochure about the Principality of Liechtenstein (English and German).

Large tin (410g)
A 410g pack of fine milk-chocolate pralines made by the best chocolatiers in Switzerland according to the original Liechtenstein recipe and supplied in an elegant white tin. Includes information brochure about the Principality of Liechtenstein (in English and German).




from CHF 6.50

Tins of Fürstenhütchen can be purchsed from 6.50 Swiss francs, with cardboard refill boxes of chocolates available for 25 Swiss francs.

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