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Trail running in Liechtenstein
Personally tested by trail running guide Michael Lenz

Trail running

Trail running guide Michael Lenz has travelled to the mountainous region of the Principality of Liechtenstein to identify the country’s most attractive trail running routes. And he was not disappointed, because despite the fact that Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest state in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world, there are excellent trail runs to be found here.

Valüna Valley

The Valüna Valley is absolutely stunning for trail running

 Pfälzer hut

The Pfälzer hut is a popular goal for trail running

Michael Lenz

“Although the Principality of Liechtenstein is a small country, it offers an incredible number of trail running opportunities”

View over the Rhine Valley

In Liechtenstein, Michael Lenz was surprised above all by the diversity and the good quality of the infrastructure. “You can find everything here, from very well maintained and relatively easy hiking trails, via narrow technical ridges and flowing trails through the forest.”

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He especially likes the fact that the mountain region of Malbun is very well developed and with an outstanding infrastructure and a wide range of facilities for families is the ideal starting point for tours in all directions. Thanks to the Pfälzer Hut (2108 metres above sea level), adventures lasting several days including border crossing to Austria and/or Switzerland are also possible in Malbun.

Michael Lenz

Michael Lenz

Michael Lenz

Michael Lenz

About Michael Lenz

Michael Lenz is a certified ASTA trail running guide. Having grown up in the mountains, he discovered trail running at an early age and knows the trails on which he moves inside and out. He loves to share his passion for trail running with others and has tested some of the most beautiful trails in the Liechtenstein mountain region. In addition to trail running camps lasting several days as well as short workshops, Michael also offers tours for different levels of aptitude. From day trips to hut tours lasting several days, in line with individual wishes, everything is possible. For challenging tours (> T3), he works together with certified Swiss mountain guides. Michael finds his runner’s high during long runs with a substantial altitude difference in technical alpine terrain. You can meet him at various races of the skyrunning series, at small local trail running events or with a little luck on his home trails in the border area of Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland. Further information: https://swisstrailguide.com

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