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Hoi Tina!
Talent factory Malbun

Tina Weirather

Born into a family of Olympic winners and world champions, now Tina Weirather is herself a star in the international ski circus, and carries the hopes of Liechtenstein fans for World Cup victories and medals.


Tina und Marco

She was perhaps predestined to be a talented sportsperson. Her mother Hanni Wenzel is a double Olympic champion, four-time World Champion, Overall World Cup Winner of 1978 and 1980. Her father Harti Weirather secured the Downhill Cup in 1981, and was crowned Downhill World Champion in Schladming in 1982. Tina was clever enough to pick only the best traits from both her parents, declares mother Hanni with a laugh. “


Hanni Wenzel

«From her father she has the enthusiasm for downhill courses as well as speed, while from me she got the sense of snow.” »


Summerclip with Tina and Büxi

Tina, whose real name is Christina, first ventured out onto the pistes at the tender age of two and a half. “That was the “Red Devils” ski course in Kitzbühl,” recalls Hanni Wenzel. It was the beginning of a burning passion. “Tina’s favourite activity has always been skiing. She would keep her ski boots on at lunch, in order not to lose time, and she was on the piste from early morning until the lifts stopped operating at the end of the day.” In 1992 Klein-Tina was a forerunner at the “Hanni Wenzel Cup”, two years later she began ski racing herself, and quickly put paid to any doubts about her exceptional talent.

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Highlights of her career

Whereby she has no need to be envious. For Tina Weirather has achieved a great many successes of her own. In the 2011/12 season she was the world's second-best downhill racer, after Lindsey Vonn. On 1 March 2013 she celebrated her first World Cup victory at the Super G event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and was the first daughter of a former World Cup winner to follow in the footsteps of her mother and win a World Cup of her own. During the following season, Weirather confirmed her top form in the speed disciplines, and also became one of the worlds top performers in the giant slalom. As a reward for the triumph in the giant slalom at Val d'Isère, she actually led the overall World Cup rankings for a whole week. This was followed by her victory in the downhill event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in March 2015, and her success in the Super-G of La Thuille in February 2016. At the World Cup final in St. Moritz in mid-March 2016, Tina Weirather triumphed in the Super-G. This was her sixth World Cup victory, causing her to draw level with her father Harti Weirather. At the same time, she passed the magic 1,000 point mark by coming fourth in the Overall World Cup, and is carrying the hopes of many ski fans that Tina will one day secure the top prize for the small Principality just like her mother Hanni Wenzel did in her own day. In February 2018 Tina won an olympic bronce medal in Pyenchong, South Korea for Liechtenstein.

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Profile Tina Weirather

Nation: Liechtenstein
Birthday: 24 Mai 1989
Club: SC Schaan

Liechtenstein Ambassador
From January 1 2018 on Tina Weirather is ambassador from Liechtenstein Marketing. 

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