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Vaduz Bee Trail

The Vaduz Bee Trail is located near the outdoor tennis courts in Vaduz and is maintained by the Beekeepers Society of Liechtenstein.

This idyllic trail in a forest clearing is close to many walking paths and aims to teach people - especially schoolchildren - about the world of bees. 

Information boards guide visitors along the trail
Thirteen simple, jargon-free information boards placed along the Bee Trail provide children and adults with a fascinating insight into how bees live. These can be visited in any order, meaning that there is no right or wrong way of walking along the trail.

Get ready to bee surprised! 
The information boards focus on the relationship between bees, humans and nature, as well as explaining what goes on in a beehive and why honey is much more than just a sweet treat. What do bees do in winter? Which roles do the queen bee, the workers and the drones play? Which language do bees speak? As well as looking at the different healthy products produced by bees, visitors can learn all about how bees' behaviour changes during the year, in which habitats they can survive and where they live.

Starting point
The Vaduz Bee Trail is in a forest clearing close to the tennis courts in Vaduz. There is a playground with a barbeque area nearby.

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    Gemeinde Vaduz
    Städtle 6
    9490 Vaduz
    T 00423 237 78 78

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