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Schaanwald Nature Trail

In 1971 the municipality of Mauren transformed the Salamander Trail above the pond in Schaanwald into the Schaanwald Nature Trail.

With its idyllic location, the trail gives walkers the chance to discover the close relationship between humans and nature. Around 60 signs along the path give interesting information about the forest as well as about trees, plants and animals native to the local region. The peace and tranquility of the Schaanwald Nature Trail will leave visitors relaxed and content.

The hiking guide book 'Spazierwege in Mauren und Schaanwald' (available from reception at the municipal hall) features an interesting walk that includes the Schaanwald Nature Trail. The 75-minute hike takes the following route: from the 'Waldstrasse' bus stop on the Vorarlberger Strasse road turn off onto the forest road - Forstwerkhof - old woodcutter's hut - Salamander Trail (Schaanwald Nature Trail) - Römergasse - Rüttegasse - Schulweg - Mühlegasse - post office.

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