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Ruggeller Riet Circular Hike

Together with the Bangser Riet in neighbouring Vorarlberg (Austria), the Ruggeller Riet forms a large area of peat bogs. In May the blossom of the Siberian iris covers the region in a carpet of blue.

The marshland and undergrowth are popular nesting sites for rare birds, while all kinds of insects and harmless reptiles love the soggy and untouched wet pastures, known as 'litter meadows'. 

The circular walk at the foot of Eschnerberg mountain leads through Limseneck (stone pit), Halameder, Hohla Kär (rock caves) and the sunken baths to the customs house. Heading west, walkers reach wet meadows and peat bogs, before passing Evimäder, Weienau and Bangserfeld on the way to the inland canal, which leads to the end of the circular walk through the nature reserve. 

Please be especially considerate towards the animals during the breeding season and stay on the marked trails at all times. Don’t forget binoculars for bird watching. 

There are barbeque areas at Weienau, along the Rhine or on its sand banks. Why not cool off after the walk with a swim in the backwaters of the Rhine?

Explore nature and observe the animals
Routenverlauf "Entdeckungsreise durch das Ruggeller Riet".pdf (168 KB)


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