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Obstacle-free route: Bendern-Schaan

This route starts in Bendern in the Principality of Liechtenstein and leads mainly along the Rhine dam. The wide, smoothly surfaced path and breathtaking views make this an ideal leisure area.

This tour offers a true scenic treat for the eyes alongside the stately River Rhine. You soon arrive in Bendern on the banks of the river. From Bendern to Schaan, both villages with an interesting history, an easy, level path runs alongside the river on the elevated Rhine dam. 

Views extend far beyond the course of the river, with the open, verdant riverside meadows crowned by the Alps on the horizon. Although the route is extremely popular, you feel relaxed and in harmony with the lushness of nature all around you. Wide fields and colourful meadows, the mountains in the background and the nearby water – all create a perfect natural image and an agreeable ambiance. 

Wooden benches offer the chance of a rest along the way. In Schaan you briefly leave the river for the countryside. Once again you enjoy tranquil scenery, passing between fields and groves of trees to the village. You spend your time in green countryside as far as the eye can see and can return home refreshed and relaxed.

Barrier-free return journey / public transport 
From Schaan railway station you reach the support stations of Sargans and Buchs SG in low-floor buses (both Route 12).


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    Liechtenstein Center
    Städtle 39
    9490 Vaduz
    T 00423 239 63 63
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  • Infobox

    7 km 

    Hiking time
    Bendern–Schaan: 1h 40min 
    Schaan–Bendern: 1h 40min 

    Easy (for wheelchair users) 

    Medium (for wheelchair users) 

    Height difference 
    Bendern–Schaan: 30 m 
    Schaan–Bendern: 20 m 

    General information 
    The sightseeing attractions and overnight accommodation suggested by Switzerland Mobility in the right-hand column are not necessarily wheelchair accessible. More information on accessibility is found at www.mis-plus.ch or www.rollihotel.ch.

    Barrier-free travel / public transport 
    From the support stations at Buchs SG or Sargans you reach Bendern via Schaan with low-floor buses. (From Buchs SG and Sargans to Schaan Route 12, Schaan to Bendern Route 11).

    Wheelchair-suitable parking spaces 
    A wheelchair-suitable parking space is located at the Post bus stop in Bendern. Three more wheelchair-suitable parking spaces are found around Schaan railway station. 

    WC Bendern Post 
    A public wheelchair-accessible WC is found at the Post bus stop in Bendern. WC Info: door width 84 cm; movement area (DxB) 200x120 cm, seat height 42 cm; hand grips, left fixed, right mobile; access right; mirror height 120 cm, washbasin underside clearance 70 cm.

    km 0 - km 6.6 
    The entire section from Bendern to Schaan is surfaces and mostly flat, with only a 6.5% uphill gradient in Bendern to access the dam. You cross the railway tracks shortly before Schaan railway station. This is followed by a cycle chicane with a depth 130 cm that is easily negotiable.

    WC Schaan railway station / Postplatz 
    A Eurokey toilet is located in the green part of the round building in Schaan at the station / Postplatz. WC info: door width 100 cm; movement area (DxB) 110x180 cm; seat height 43 cm; hand grips, left fixed, right mobile; access right; mirror height 110 cm; washbasin underside clearance 60 cm.