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Tour de Suisse race program from June 18, 2022

On Saturday, June 18, 2022, the men's stage will arrive in the Liechtenstein mountain resort of Malbun and the Tour de Suisse Woman will start in Vaduz in the evening.

Tour de Suisse men

The 7th stage of the men's Tour de Suisse ends on Saturday, June 18, 2022 with a mountain finish in Malbun, a popular hiking and skiing area at 1,600 meters above sea level. lies. The final climb, which some of you may remember from the 2011 Tour de Suisse, is correspondingly steep.

7. stage Ambri - Malbun (196.4 km)

Route information: 196.4 km / ascent 3'190 m / descent 3'246 m
Estimated total time:  5 h 10 min. / hourly average: 40 km/h

  • Start in Ambri: 11.09 o'clock
  • Passage in Balzers: app. 15.38 o'clock
  • Passage in Triesenberg: app. 15.56 o'clock
  • Finish arrival in Malbun:  app. 16.20 o'clock

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Tour de Suisse women

The women start the Tour de Suisse 2022 on Saturday evening. After the men have arrived in Malbun, the women complete a 4.6-kilometer circuit in and around Vaduz, which will be ridden ten times. This short stage promises a fast and animated race. Approx. 60 vertical meters have to be mastered per lap.


1. stage Vaduz - Vaduz (46 km)

Route details: 46 km / climb 650 m / gradient 650 m
Estimated total time:   1h 13 min. / hourly mean: 38 km/h

  • Start (Lettstrasse 39, Vaduz): 19.30 o'clock
  • Finish arrival (Lettstrasse 39, Vaduz): app. 20.43 o'clock

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    Liechtenstein Center
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    9490 Vaduz
    T 00423 239 63 12

  • Info Malbun

    In summer, Malbun is an ideal starting point for hikes in the Liechtenstein mountains. In winter, Malbun turns into a paradise for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Malbun belongs to the municipality of Triesenberg. The name Malbun comes from the Romanic word "alp bun" (beautiful, productive alp) or "val bun" (beautiful, productive valley). The Walser, who immigrated from the end of the 13th century, were probably the first to permanently settle in the Triesenberg area and used the area for agriculture. In 1908, the "Sareiserjoch" spa house was built in Malbun and the Samina Valley was opened up for tourism from Malbun. In the winter of 1985, Prince Charles and Princess Diana went skiing in Malbun. The offers in Malbun are specifically tailored to the needs and wishes of families. The journey to Malbun is already part of the holiday: Because the view of the majestic Alps of the Principality of Liechtenstein and from the mountain road into the alpine Rhine Valley is almost automatically relaxing.

  • Info Vaduz

    The capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein is located on the east bank of the Rhine, at the foot of the impressive Three Sisters massif. Cycle paths, mountain bike trails and hiking trails open up Vaduz with its neighboring communities as well as Austria and Switzerland. Short distances and a large offer can be found in the lively town, which is enthroned by the well-known Vaduz Castle - the seat of the princely family. Culinary delights, art and culture and, of course, plenty of shopping opportunities can be experienced in the center of Vaduz. From a sporting point of view, local recreation areas, a forest adventure trail or cycling and hiking tours leave nothing to be desired.