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Gastronomy & wine

Liechtenstein offers a wide range of restaurants with gourmet cuisine. The country is also home to several excellent small-scale vineyards - including the Prince of Liechtenstein Winery - spread across the valleys of Eschnerberg and Schaan to Vaduz, Triesen and the gentle slopes of Gutenberg Castle.
Restaurants in Liechtenstein

Visitors to Liechtenstein can choose between traditional specialties and international dishes, all prepared by excellent chefs.

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Gourmet restaurants

In just 160 square kilometres, Liechtenstein offers three establishments listed in the influential resturant guide Gault et Millau - it's just a shame that there isn't an award for the "most fine restaurants per citizen"!

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Vineyards in Liechtenstein

From Eschnerberg in the north to the gentle slopes near Gutenberg Castle in the south, Liechtenstein's favourable climate influenced by the warm Föhn wind means that it is a haven for expert winegrowers.

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Liechtenstein beer and whiskey

There are two breweries and one distillery in Liechtenstein.

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Delights from Liechtenstein

Situated between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein’s cuisine is influenced by these two countries the most. If one adds the drinks, it appears that also Italy, France and Scotland have an impact on the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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Gastronomy offers

Visit the Principality of Liechtenstein and enjoy excellent cuisine by one of our top chefs and fine wine from our vineyards.

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From a spacious bar with a beer garden to a smaller location popular with music lovers and the in-crowd, Liechtenstein has many places where you can enjoy a drink and watch the world go by.

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