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Customs & traditions

While most customs and traditions in Liechtenstein are based on those of the Alemannic people native to the region, there are a number that are unique to the principality.
Liechtenstein national holiday

Liechtenstein celebrates its national holiday on 15th August.

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Christmas market

Each December a magical Christmas market takes place in Vaduz.


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Ceremonial cattle drive

The driving down of cattle at the end of the summer from grazing pastures high in the Alps may no longer be the major event it once was, but it is still well worth a visit to marvel at the elaborate decoration of the cows and hear their bells ringing as they make their way down into the valley.

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The tradition of selecting grapes for making wine is known in Liechtenstein as "Wimmlete", a term also used to refer to the grape harvest itself.

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"Funkensonntag" (literally "Bonfire Sunday") is celebrated throughout Liechtenstein on the Sunday after Ash Wednesday by lighting a large bonfire

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Carnival in Liechtenstein

Around 60 years ago, carnival celebrations lasted from "Schmutziger Donnerstag" ("Dirty Thursday") until "Fasnachtsdienstag" ("Carnival Tuesday") and generally took place in local inns and guesthouses.

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The annual fair

The annual fair used to be held each autumn as part of the cattle market, where traders would sell their goods to local farmers.

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Penitential processions

Penitential processions and marches are still a regular part of life in all of Liechtenstein's municipalities.

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Special customs on official holidays

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Neben den Bräuchen an katholischen Feiertagen und hohen kirchlichen Feste haben sich einige weitere Bräuche fest etabliert. So etwa der Valentinstag, der Muttertag und der Vatertag.


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Donkey Festival in Malbun

At the legendary Donkey Festival in Malbun there are only winners. Yet one question remains: who is the most stubborn – man or beast? A visit to the entertaining popular Malbun festival.

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