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The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is Liechtenstein's most famous legend.

On the Feast of the Assumption (15 August), three sisters went up to Gafadura above the village of Planken to pick berries. As they walked along the path they heard the sounds of the church bells announcing the holy feast and calling worshippers to church. One of the sisters suggested they should also go to church, but the other two replied that the baskets had to be full of berries before they returned to the village. 

Towards the end of the afternoon the baskets were full and the three sisters headed back home. On their way they met a beautiful woman who asked them for some berries. The sisters were reluctant to give her any and replied that people who want berries should pick them themselves. All of a sudden, a halo appeared around the head of the woman and she spoke to them, "You have dishonoured my holy day and refused my request. Your hearts are of stone. Therefore, as punishment, you shall be turned to stone and remain here forever." Upon saying that, the sisters were transformed into huge rocks, which from that day on became known as the Three Sisters.

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